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The Solahart Heat Pump are designed to the highest quality using high quality components including; Copeland Scroll Compressors and Ziehlebm fans. The superior scroll compressor technology of Copeland is employed to provide a quieter unit with the reliability and aefficiency efficiency expected in a commercial product. All solahart’s Air to Water Heat pump has a minimum of two Ziehlebm propeller fans ensuring both redundancy and one of the quietest commercial heat pumps on the market. The entire evaporator coil is epoxy coated to provide long lasting protection from corrosive atmospheres. The evaporator incorporates rifle bore copper tubes, which increase heat transfer by up to 20% over smooth bore tubing. Slit aluminium fins provide even greater transfer of heat from the air to the refrigerant. Heat exchanger option include doublewall (vented) tube in tube / coaxial and double wall stainless steel flat plate heat exchangers. Water and refrigerant circulate in separate tubes with an air gap providing a safety mechanism preventing any potential cross contamination of refrigerant into potable water. Solahart’s, Air to Water pool heat pumps use full titanium tube-in-tube heat exchanger or titanium / polyethylene shell-in-tube design. Sales an Service Network Like all the people involved with solahart, our dealers and distributors derive an immense satisfaction from the fact that every system installed is helping create a better world. Since the begining of solahart’s internatioanl succes in the 1970’s we have built a reputation as a premium renewable water heating brand via our distributor network to 80 countries across the world. The ability of Solahart products to adapt to a wide variety of climatic conditions and differing water quality means they can provide hot water wherever it may be, supported by a highly skilled distributor network. Australian Manufacture At Solahart we are proud of our commitment to Australian manufacturing. We as part of the largest water heating global organisation design and manufacture most of our products. Our production processes and are all field tested thoroughly before being released on to the market. This way we can be certain our products are the best quality possible. Our customers can be confident that our long-term warranties are meaningful.

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Solahart Air To Water Heat Pumps

The Solahart Heat Pump transfers heat from air, providing the advantages of a solar heater without the need for direct solar gain to a collector. While the rate of transfer is highest on warm days, heat gain is even made in sub zero temperatures or overnight providing the potential for year round heating.

Solahart Hot Water Heat Pump (SHS Models) Specifications (larger models available on request)



Solahart Hot Water Heat Pump (SHV Models) Specifications (larger models available on request)



Solahart Water To Water Heat Pumps

Like the ground, water provides a relatively contans heat source. Water sources can vary from ground water to lakes, streams and even the ocean. The water to water unit is compact, quiet. While Solahart part of is Australia’s leading manufacturer of commercial heat pumps, it retains the ability to custom manufacture to project specific design criteria, ensuring that maximum heating performance and control is provided to the building or pool owner. A broad range of design options are available in heat pump design as well as the selection of components, such as the use of copper or titanium heat exchangers and in unit casing material.

Solahart Chilled Water Heat Pump (SHCS Models) Specifications (larger models available on request)



Solahart Chilled Water Heat Pump (SHCV Models) Specifications (larger models available on request)



Solahart Pool Heat Pumps

The Solahart heat pump can uniquely provide cooling to one application wahile rejecting heat to another. This is most commonly used for resorts, day spas and sports training centres to provide hot and cold plunge pools.

Solahart Pool Heat Pump (SHP Models) Specifications (larger models available on request)



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