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Solahart Split System MDV Series Electric Boosted

The Solahart MDV series is an open circuit split system solar water heater with roof mounted slimline collectors and a tank that can be installed discreetly on the ground. It is suitable for use in low to high solar gain areas. The MDV solar storage tank systems provide an increase in solar energy savings. Solar energy is transferred directly to the water as it is moved through the collectors by an electric circulator and the heated water is stored in the ground mounted tank. The MDV series electric boosted models are equipped with an in-tank element to ensure a supply of hot water during periods of poor or no solar gain. Alternatively, this system can be installed as a preheater with an inline Solahart gas booster water heater.

Key Benefit


* Save 55% to 85% of your water heating energy consumption*
* Hot water regardless of the weather
* Can qualify for valuable government environmental incentives*
* Reduced energy use can save up to 1.7 to 3.1 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum*
* Space effiient and flxibility of installation
* Stylish slimline design
* Minimum visual impact
* Choice of collectors to suit high to low solar gain areas
* Toughened, hail resistant collector glass
* Storage tank can be installed indoors or outdoors
* Ceramic lined tank
* Electric or gas booster





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